Slow Down

Better late than never right?! A little bit of technical difficulties and not feeling 100% lead to me almost throwing in the towel on this week's Fireside Fridays but with only seconds to spare we have it! This week I had some personal experiences that lead me to think about "slowing down" and appreciate the people I love. Life has been so hectic I have barely had time to catch my breath, but with the holidays rolling around I can't help but think about all the people I love that are so far from me. I watched a Ted talk recently about a study on those nearing the end of their life and what really mattered to them. It wasn't the trivial day to day worries, or even the accolades. It was about the relationships they had, the memories, the things they went after in this life. 
So...I have a mini challenge for you this weekend. Slow down, even for a moment. Go give someone you love a call, especially someone you haven't spoken to in awhile. If you can, go give them a big ol hug. I promise it will be worth it. xoxo Bertha


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