Roll On

The star of this show is obviously the orange slug I live with, Zeus, but I have had a tremendous amount of inspiration since moving to Colorado a couple of weeks ago so there is also some music happening in this video. Here's a snippet of "Roll On", an ode to going with the flow, being okay with not having any plan and seeing what unfolds. Although not the smartest approach to navigating life, my major life changes have generally always happened on impulsive decisions. Quitting my corporate job to go live in a van for months on end, with zero plan and barely two nickels to rub together wouldn't be any parents dream for the child but it was the greatest decision of my life. I had three tremendous years of self growth, learning and playing music for living. It's set me up to make a new drastic change with more assurance and understanding. I hope everyone just jumps in once in their lives, beautiful things are bound to unfold or at least some lessons learned. 


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