Plenty of Time

I've been trying to finish this song for well over a year now....inspiration finally hit while I was brushing my teeth last night. Since I quit my corporate job 6 years ago and decided to life on my own terms I've faced resistance. So much resistance. Family, friends, society, old ladies on the street, my own mind, I've heard it time and time again "What are you doing with your life", "When are you going to finally settle down", "Ha yah, okay good luck with THAT", "I'm just worried you're wasting your life away" but there is another voice that outshines them all...that one that says "keep persevering, there is only one big beautiful life, give it hell sister." So I keep waking up every day writing new tunes flossing my teeth and making the decision to live life on my terms. "Plenty of Time" is the answer to the voices, the one saying "chill out, I'm going to figure this out and I'll be just fine. More than fine. I will be the best damn version of myself you have ever seen, and doing what I love to boot! Watch me." I hope all of you are giving life a little bit of hell. 

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