Happiest Life

I hadn't written a love song in about a decade. (Since about the age I was still reading Cosmo for love advice, starry-eyed and naive to the fact that romance wasn't all it was cracked up to be) Until, in the midst of a quarter life crisis I headed down to Florida with my best friend to hide out in her grandparents retreat. The couple had been married 60+ years. They'd been surviving decades together when I could barely choke down a few months with someone after the luster of new romance wore off. But, they seemed. SO. HAPPY. I didn't get it. I rationalized it with the fact that they grew up in a different era, they were just "old fashioned". This was the age of Tinder people! Until one morning Steve shuffled out of bed to greet me at the kitchen table with a cup o' Joe. Sitting down I was eagerly awaiting one of his morning slices of wisdom I had become so very fond of. Like clockwork he looked out the window and said, "Every morning I wake up and I am grateful for another day that I can feel the sun on my face and see that beautiful smile next to me. And that smile is beautiful, let me tell you. It's not always easy, but I've never missed a day telling her that. That's the secret." As Rita got out of bed wearing that beautiful smile to give him a kiss and a "good morning you" my grinch heart grew 10X as big. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how "Happiest Life" was born.


All you need is a little sunshine, a whole lot of appreciation, and maybe a cup of coffee...and you just might find love to last 60 years. Thank you, Rita & Steve!

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