Gone Again

When I quit my job working in NYC 5 years ago to traverse the country in a VW Bus with two guys, a couple scraps of songs written, and a big dream everyone thought I was nuts. Years later, when people asked me what I did for a living I’d say I was a musician and they’d go “yes but what do you really do.” Last year, when I moved back to my hometown to take some time to reclaim a piece of myself after the band broke up everyone said “Okay so now that you’ve had some fun, what are you really going to do with your life.” For a moment, I had sworn off my dreams, decided I was going to “settle down and get real”...that lasted about a month. That restless bubbling in me has continued. Maybe I’ve been listening to too many inspirational podcasts running through the cornfields of my childhood town or going to see the musicians I idolize live, but I find myself writing those scraps of songs on every napkin and post it note again.

This song is about finding your purpose, finding your happiness, whatever makes you wake up in the morning excited about life despite what anyone says. Whether it’s a musician, a baker, a doctor, a mother we all have something that can fill our soul to the brim. I firmly believe life is too short not to give your dreams a try. The world would be much better for it. Get dirty, be imperfect, scrape your knees, fail and try again. I hope you’ll support me as I give this dream a go again, because I am rooting for all of you!

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