Easy Way Out

One of the last two songs I wrote in Colorado: "Easy Way Out"

Life gets rough, sometimes. I know how easy it can be to want to escape in the easiest way possible, but often times the easiest way turns out to be the hardest way. You wake up in the morning with your hair matted to your face, a half eaten burger on your chest, full of "the F did I just do last night?" Instead of just dealing with whatever was happening that caused you to spiral out of control you just added to the mess with more mess and you're a vegan so now you have to mourn that cow that probably had a family it was trying to provide for. It's an udder disaster.

I've lost so many loved ones to the battle of addiction. I wish so many times I could have held their hand and said "it's okay to hurt, it's okay to feel your pain, you are loved and supported." I wish they could have truly heard it. I wish they could have taken the harder way, and they had felt safe enough to do so. 

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