Be The One

Facebook has this beautiful feature that forces you to relive all your cringeworthy past memories whether you want to or not. Like when I used to rock blue eye shadow and pluck my eyebrows down to one hair, or had my first sip of a twisted tea and thought I'd caption every photo in an album with "Cocked and Loving It" or that album dedicated to the "sexy kisses" face. I was essentially the female version of Stiffler and facebook/my hometown friends will never let me forget it. Facebook also won't let me forget my first love. That horrible won't eat/won't sleep, all consuming, if you ever break up with me the world implode kind of first love. Chalk it up to raging hormones, but I hope to never feel that amount of "passion" again. Although, since you can't really hide from your past I thought I'd embrace my inner 16 year old and channel it into music. So here we have a snippet of "Be The One", I hope you relive all of your cringeworthy moments while listening. 

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