Airport Inspirations

I don’t know if I’ve watched too much love actually this holiday season, but I always find so much magic and inspiration in an airport. ✈️Thanks Ft. Lauderdale layovers for this new song, “good for each other” ✌️I hope you guys like this weeks Duo project! 

I never liked throwing all my wishes in a well, 
They go drowning in the bottom of a hole. 
Don’t tell me all your secrets they’re like bars on a cell, 
And freedom only comes when they’re told. 
I don’t know why good things come to those who wait, 
When we don’t even know if there’s tomorrow. 
I don’t know why you can have everything, 
And still be filled up with so much sorrow. 
I don’t know much, I don’t know much 
This life’s got a lot to uncover 
I do know this, I do know this 
You and me were so good for each other

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