Plenty Of Time 

This song was written for the time in my life I decided to quit my corporate job in New York City, hop in a VW Bus without any plan and go trek across America to find myself. Everyone thought I was insane, I thought I was insane, but that knot in my gut was telling me there was something more to this life. I needed to take that chance. For all of you with that whisper, this song is for you. This life is too short not take a chance on yourself.

Your Eyes - Original 

Video shot in Desert Hot Springs, California

This song is written for that first moment you lay eyes on someone. That moment when the world stands still, everything falls into place, and your entire life flashes before your eyes. That moment, when you just know. Then again, this also could be inspired by the fact that I had just binge watched "You".


Your eyes are like marbles, reflecting everything you see. / Your skin is like honey, dripping from a comb of a bee. /  Your laugh is like the wind of a hot day, cooling me off while the sun stays on my face, I love you so much, can I take you back to my place? I don't even know your name, no I don't even know your name, but I'd like to.

Your touch is like water, It's washing my body clean. / The way you walk is like a tremor, Oh, it's quaking me at my knees. / Your voice is like the hum of an engine, cruising down an open road the wheels spinning, I'm rolling down the windows, you got my head lifted and I don't even know your name, no I don't even know your name but I want to

CHORUS Tell me what's your name, oh, tell me whats your name baby tell me what's your name. / I need to know your name, I need to know your name, I hope you don't think it's strange./ I just think you're kind of perfect and I know it might be worth it so baby tell me what's your

We could be star-crossed lovers, a little bit of Johnny and June. / One of those great love stories, would sure look good on me and you. / We could be like Bonnie & Clyde, taking on the world if I got you by my side You'd be holding my hand while I'm shooting out the sky and I don't even know your name no I don't even know your name, but I want to.

CHORUS Tell me what's your name, oh, tell me whats your name baby tell me what's your name. / I need to know your name, I need to know your name, I hope you don't think it's strange. / cuz If I knew your name, oh, if I knew your name ya know I'd never ever be the same. / So tell me what's your name, oh, tell me what's your name baby tell me what's your name.

The Song I Wrote Yesterday 

The last song I wrote in Colorado: "The Song I Wrote Yesterday"


The story of my life. Of so many friends lives. The story of hanging onto your dreams no matter what. I dedicate this song to every couch I've ever slept on.

Easy Way Out 

One of the last two songs I wrote in Colorado: "Easy Way Out"

Life gets rough, sometimes. I know how easy it can be to want to escape in the easiest way possible, but often times the easiest way turns out to be the hardest way. You wake up in the morning with your hair matted to your face, a half eaten burger on your chest, full of "the F did I just do last night?" Instead of just dealing with whatever was happening that caused you to spiral out of control you just added to the mess with more mess and you're a vegan so now you have to mourn that cow that probably had a family it was trying to provide for. It's an udder disaster.

I've lost so many loved ones to the battle of addiction. I wish so many times I could have held their hand and said "it's okay to hurt, it's okay to feel your pain, you are loved and supported." I wish they could have truly heard it. I wish they could have taken the harder way, and they had felt safe enough to do so. 

Show Me The Right Way  

Do you ever feel lost inside yourself? 

Like you're so tongue tied even when you're screaming out for help?

Well, I see the way you look in my eyes but I'm about to lose my mind.

Take me home from the part I don't want to be here,

I know I'm a little bit drunk but I feel like I'm wasting all my years,

Spending all my nights (all my nights), all my days (all my days), all my time (all my time)

In all the wrong ways.


You + Me = Happy?  

Colorado Springtime ? bringing me all sorts of peppiness, new writing inspiration, happiness and a sexy little rasp brought to you by allergies ? here we have it folks “You + Me = Happy?” 


My Old Friends 

This week I thought I'd get some suggestions from the old social media for what I should write about. There were so many heartfelt, thoughtful, meaningful suggestions I was truly moved. But all of my old friends decided to troll my page and suggest "Me." So, about an hour ago this morning I did just that. I wrote a song about all of you friends of mine, despite the trolling. There's nothing in this world that compares to the love I feel for the friends in my life, and if any of you are lucky enough to still be close to those you grew up might be able to relate. Here's the messy, cheesy first draft of "My Old Friends"...but I'm okay with it, because I'm dedicating it to a bunch of hot messes.