Show Me The Right Way  

Do you ever feel lost inside yourself? 

Like you're so tongue tied even when you're screaming out for help?

Well, I see the way you look in my eyes but I'm about to lose my mind.

Take me home from the part I don't want to be here,

I know I'm a little bit drunk but I feel like I'm wasting all my years,

Spending all my nights (all my nights), all my days (all my days), all my time (all my time)

In all the wrong ways.


You + Me = Happy?  

Colorado Springtime 🌸 bringing me all sorts of peppiness, new writing inspiration, happiness and a sexy little rasp brought to you by allergies 🌞 here we have it folks “You + Me = Happy?” 


My Old Friends 

This week I thought I'd get some suggestions from the old social media for what I should write about. There were so many heartfelt, thoughtful, meaningful suggestions I was truly moved. But all of my old friends decided to troll my page and suggest "Me." So, about an hour ago this morning I did just that. I wrote a song about all of you friends of mine, despite the trolling. There's nothing in this world that compares to the love I feel for the friends in my life, and if any of you are lucky enough to still be close to those you grew up might be able to relate. Here's the messy, cheesy first draft of "My Old Friends"...but I'm okay with it, because I'm dedicating it to a bunch of hot messes. 

Plenty of Time 

I've been trying to finish this song for well over a year now....inspiration finally hit while I was brushing my teeth last night. Since I quit my corporate job 6 years ago and decided to life on my own terms I've faced resistance. So much resistance. Family, friends, society, old ladies on the street, my own mind, I've heard it time and time again "What are you doing with your life", "When are you going to finally settle down", "Ha yah, okay good luck with THAT", "I'm just worried you're wasting your life away" but there is another voice that outshines them all...that one that says "keep persevering, there is only one big beautiful life, give it hell sister." So I keep waking up every day writing new tunes flossing my teeth and making the decision to live life on my terms. "Plenty of Time" is the answer to the voices, the one saying "chill out, I'm going to figure this out and I'll be just fine. More than fine. I will be the best damn version of myself you have ever seen, and doing what I love to boot! Watch me." I hope all of you are giving life a little bit of hell. 

You Are My Sunshine  

Colorado is supposed to be the sunniest state in America...we're getting a blizzard tonight. Quit playing games with my heart and give me the sun!

Lavender & Hydrangeas  

I’ve been hard at working writing some new songs for shows that start up again next week and I promise I’ll be sharing some upbeat ones soon! But...this song is probably the most honest song I’ve ever written and its terrifying to share it. But, I know for most people life isn’t always riding rainbows on unicorns 🦄 like I love to portray. Loss happens and sometimes it hits you at the strangest time and you get crippled by the memories, painful, beautiful memories. I don’t know why Valentines Day week decided to tear me open, but my mom loved the holidays no matter what they were. So this song is for you, Jen, love you forever

San Luis 

Fireside 🔥 Friday’s is coming a day early because tomorrow I’m heading into the studio! 🎤 🙌

The sound on this is a little wonky but I felt like I needed to post it because this song is all about finding an escape. This week has been stressful AF, anyone else feeling the slump after the holidays? I can’t physically escape but I certainly can mentally for a minute so I brought myself back to a time where I was free of stress living my best life...cruising down the California coast. Where do you go to escape yourself for a moment? You can head to San Luis with me for a minute if you’d like

Chain Is 

Airport Inspirations  

I don’t know if I’ve watched too much love actually this holiday season, but I always find so much magic and inspiration in an airport. ✈️Thanks Ft. Lauderdale layovers for this new song, “good for each other” ✌️I hope you guys like this weeks Duo project! 

I never liked throwing all my wishes in a well, 
They go drowning in the bottom of a hole. 
Don’t tell me all your secrets they’re like bars on a cell, 
And freedom only comes when they’re told. 
I don’t know why good things come to those who wait, 
When we don’t even know if there’s tomorrow. 
I don’t know why you can have everything, 
And still be filled up with so much sorrow. 
I don’t know much, I don’t know much 
This life’s got a lot to uncover 
I do know this, I do know this 
You and me were so good for each other