Hey Bertha is the latest project from Emily Parasiliti; bringing you big-toe tapping Americana from the piano and harmonica. Before Hey Bertha, Emily toured for 3 years with The Coteries as the lead vocalist and harmonica player. She played over 400 shows across 46 states opening for artists like The Marshall Tucker Band, Brandi Carlile, The Fray & Ricky Skaggs. Endorsed by GoWesty, Emily traveled by VW Bus writing stories from her experiences on the backroads of the American countryside. Emily has earned numerous accolades for her songwriting, including awards in The American Songwriter Lyric Competition for "Dance" and "You're Here Now", and has penned lyrics for Grammy Winning Artists. 

With a recent relocation from Colorado to California, her debut EP will be out later in 2020. Hey Bertha brings you soulful, heartfelt music telling true tales of people, travel, love, loss and the strength to find your own path down life’s open roads.


 About The Name "Hey Bertha":

Bertha Heyman was a 19th-century American criminal, also known as "Big Bertha" or the "Confidence Queen." She was described by famed New York City detective Thomas F. Byrnes as "one of the smartest confidence women in America", and was considered by the New York City police to be "the boldest and most expert of the many female adventuresses who infest the country." She managed to swindle several men out of a total of many thousands of dollars, even while behind bars.

My great grandmother, wasn't Bertha Heyman, but another Bertha who I deem equally as badass. "Hey Bertha" is dedicated to all the confidence queens/men/people out there taking on this world!